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At ITCitizen, we provide full support for the Italy Golden Visa.

We are a team of legal experts and Italian immigration lawyers who have successfully assisted many individuals in their journey to move to Italy and obtain Italian citizenship.

Our team specialises in every aspect of Italy’s Golden Visa and Italian immigration law.

We have helped hundreds of people like you obtain Italy’s residence permit by investment, and we’re ready to assist you every step of the way.

It’s a Golden Visa for Italy… with no hassle!

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Italy Golden Visa Requirements

The Golden Visa in Italy was first introduced in 2017 and is designed for individuals who can significantly contribute to the Italian economy and community through investment. Investments can be made in one of these options:


  • €2,000,000 invested in Italian government bonds.
  • €1,000,000 philanthropic donation (for public interests such as culture, education, ecology, immigration management, scientific research, and preservation of cultural and heritage).
  • €500,000 invested in Italian shares.
  • €250,000 invested in an innovative start-up.
The investment must be maintained during the duration of the visa.

*Applicants can live anywhere during the validity of the visa – No requirements to stay in Italy.

No extra investment is required for family members.

Spouse, children, and dependent parents of the applicant can join the Italy Golden Visa program with no additional investment.

Investor Requirements

Italy Golden Visa Eligibility


  • Nationals of non-EU member states or Schengen area countries.
  • Clean criminal record.
  • Over 18 years old.
  • Valid health insurance.
  • Sufficient financial resources to invest.
  • Commitment to invest. 

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Family members

Italy Golden Visa Eligibility

A spouse:

  • Must be officially married to the investor.

Minor child (Under 18):

  • Includes those of a spouse.

Adult child (Over 18):

  • No age limit.
  • Single with no children.


  • No age limit.
  • Financially dependent on the investor.

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Italy Golden Visa

Why Italy Golden Visa?

Discover the most cost-effective options among EU countries for Golden Visa programs, with a minimum investment starting at only €250,000.

The visa is initially granted for 2 years, extendable for an additional 3 years.

After holding the Golden Visa for 5 years, applicants can apply for permanent residence in Italy, enjoying similar benefits to citizens, such as the ability to live and work anywhere in the EU.

Following 5 years as a permanent resident, applicants can further apply for Italian citizenship through naturalisation and obtain an Italian passport.

Country Minimum Investment Permanent Residency Dual Citizenship
Switzerland €215,000 *Annually After 10 years No
Italy €250,000 After 5 years Yes
Latvia €250,000 After 4 years Restricted
Spain €500,000 After 5 years Restricted
Greece €500,000 After 5 years Restricted


Italian Residency Benefits

Live / Work / Study in Italy.
Receive EU Benefits.
No requirement to stay in Italy.
Visa-free travel to the Schengen Area.
Cost-effective option among EU countries.
Access to social services, including healthcare, education, and social welfare programs.
A pathway for permanent residency and Italian citizenship by residency.

How to Get a permanent residency
with Italy Golden Visa



If you and your family members qualify for the Italy Golden Visa program, we will then prepare your documents and letter for you to submit. We will guide you every step of the way on how to apply.

The process would take from 90 days to 120 days from the date of application. The investment can be made within 3 months once you enter Italy.




After 2 years, you are eligible to apply for a renewable Italy Golden Visa for another 3 years, provided that the investment is maintained.



After 5 years of your Italy Golden Visa (2+3 years as mentioned), you would be able to apply for permanent residence in Italy, enjoy similar benefits to Italian citizens. After a specified residency period, you can apply for Italian citizenship by residency. 

How to Get Italian Dual Citizenship



Determine if you qualify for Italian citizenship by descent or marriage. Our experts will help you review your family history against the multitude of criteria set forth by both, the Italian Government and the Italian Consulates, and identify all required Italian and foreign documents.



If you qualify, we will establish your list of Italian and foreign documents required, including Naturalization Proof Papers, Certified Vital Records, Apostilles and Translations to Italian. And we will provide you with translation of forms or guidance documents to help you understand how to follow the instructions provided by the Italian Consulate for the submission of your documents.



We will assist you with the creation of an account on the booking platform prenota online. And we will provide you with general information aimed at helping you understand how to use it. You will be yet required to book an appointment on your own, though. You will then attend the Italian Consulate that has jurisdiction over the State where you reside in order to submit in person all the appropriate documentation.

Our Testimonials

“My case was managed by Davide, who was friendly, efficient and professional at all times. He guided me through the bewildering array of paperwork required and covered very possible difficulty that might arise, to ensure that my application would have the best chance. At my appointment with the Consulate the woman dealing with my file said it was one of the best presented sets of paperwork she had seen, she actually said it was ‘perfect’, and made her job much easier. Thank you Davide for making the process so smooth. Highly recommended, I would definitely use them again. Very professional and prompt service, always helpful. I would definitely use again and recommend to others.”


I wanted to apply for Italian citizenship by descent and my case was a little complicated. The service provided was second to none; Davide helped me understand what was required for the application and helped me compile the necessary documentation. I am delighted to say that just 5 months after he put the paperwork together and my application was submitted to the consolato italiano, I received notification that it was successful. Sono ora cittadino italiano. Grazie Davide!


Very professional and prompt service, always helpful. I would definitely use again and recommend to others.


Very helpful and friendly company


For anyone that has tried to navigate the complex rules and requirements with the consulate can understand it is very difficult. Davide guided me through the process, documentation requirements and obtained the necessary italian court certifications to allow me to apply for my sons passport. Davide was very responsive and knew his stuff. I would highly recommended using Davide for any matters relating to Italian citizenship. I found Davide via google and during COVID we were able to finalise the application.

-K.D. from Trustpilot

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Where do I apply for the Italy Golden Visa?
You would need to submit your prepared documents and application to the Italian consulate in your country.
Do I have to speak Italian to be able to apply for the Italy Golden Visa?
No, you do not need to speak Italian or take a language test to apply for the Golden Visa in Italy.
Can I get residency in Italy if I buy property?
Buying a property in Italy does not provide you with a residence permit. You would only be able to stay for the duration of your visa or, if you’re holding a UK passport, you would be able to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days in a 180-day period. You would need a visa to stay longer or to work in Italy.
How long can I stay in Italy if I own a property in Italy?
Owning a property in Italy does not provide you with a longer duration of stay. You would only be able to stay for the duration of your visa or, if you’re holding a UK passport, you would be able to stay in the Schengen area for 90 days in a 180-day period. You would need a visa to stay longer or to work in Italy.
Which European Golden visa is the easiest?
Italy Golden Visa is one of the easiest Golden visa programs in the EU as it requires a minimum investment.
What is the cheapest Golden Visa in Europe?
There are 12 countries in the EU and Schengen area offering Golden visa programs. Switzerland, Italy, Latvia, and Bulgaria are the cheapest. However, Switzerland only offers 1 year of stay, and you would need to invest annually for at least approximately €215,000. Additionally, Italy and Bulgaria allow dual citizenship. You might want to consider this if you’re planning to apply for citizenship in the future.
What is the Golden Visa for Italy from €250,000?
€250,000 is the minimum investment for the Italy Golden Visa. The requirement is to invest in an innovative start-up in Italy.
What are the tax benefits of the Italy Golden Visa?
The Italy Golden Visa offers a favorable tax regime for high-net-worth individuals, allowing them to apply a substitute tax on foreign income and, in exchange for an annual fee, providing full exemption from income tax on foreign earnings for residents and their family members.
Which European countries offer Golden Visa?
As of 2024, there are 12 EU and Schengen Zone countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Malta, Portugal, Spain, and Switzerland.
How long do you usually have to stay in Italy to be able to apply for citizenship?
10 years for non-European Union foreigners.

5 years for a foreigner who has worked for five years in Italy for the public administration, an Italian-based company, or abroad representing the Italian state.

5 years for an adult foreigner adopted by an Italian citizen.

5 years for a stateless foreigner.

4 years for a citizen of the European Union.

3 years for a foreigner who is a direct descendant (up to the second degree) of an Italian citizen and is unable to acquire citizenship through jus sanguinis or other specific cases, or for a foreigner born in Italy with continuous residence.

Which EU Countries Offer Golden Visa Programs?
As of 2024, there are 12 EU and Schengen Zone countries:

  1. Austria
  2. Bulgaria
  3. Cyprus
  4. Germany
  5. Greece
  6. Ireland
  7. Italy
  8. Latvia
  9. Malta
  10. Portugal
  11. Spain
  12. Switzerland
At ItCitizen we make Italian dual citizenship easy. We’re a small team of passionate Italian citizenship experts who are readily available to offer expert support to our Australians, US, UK, and other international clients on how to become a citizen of Italy. We’re unbelievable focused and we work hard….and we love seeing our clients face with their Italian passport in hand!
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